We are a server created to be different from all the other servers. This server is based on a story that we wrote to mark the difference. You can call this server a vanilla survival but it's not. At your right are some featuers that we have and those prove that we're not a tottaly vanilla.

Come to see yourself what we are talking about. Come to the place where the ligh fights against the darkness by the elements. Be brave and choose your element wisely!



Server Features:

  • Plots for every one;
  • A mining lobby;
  • An economy system based on USD ($);
  • A server's Shop;
  • A pets system configurated by us;
  • Mini-Games 100% mabe by us;
  • You may chose a Element to rule you;
  • A wild zone that you can explore and where you may do some PvP;
  • A city to explore and earn touns of prizes;
  • All the server is a kind of story mode created by us (explained bellow);
  • Different ranks that you may purshase;
  • A new kind of PvP arena;
  • A shop system that allows you to create your own shop;
  • A creative staff;
  • And much more!
Elemental Realm Inc.          Be brave and chose your element wisely!
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