Here are some basic commands that you need to know:

/rules »» It allows you to read the rules;

/sethome »» allows you to set your "home" at the block right bellow your feet;

/sethome [home] »» if you have that permission you may set another home by naming it with this command;

/home »» teleports you to your home. If you have more then one it will give the homes list;

/back »» it allows you to get back to the last place you have been before you were teleported or before you died;

/msg [player's name] [message] »» It allows you to send a private message to a player;

/r »» it allows you to answer to the last private message that you recived;

/me [message] »» it allows you to send funny messages by the server with your name;

/fly »» It allows you to fly if you have that permission;

/tpa [player's name] »» It allows you to send a teleport request to a player; 

/tpdeny »» it allows you to decline a teleport request;

/tpahere [player's name] »» It allows yout to send a request to teleport some player to you;

/warps »» It allows your to see the warps list;

/warp [warp name] »» It will teleport you to that place if you do not move for 10 seconds;

/list »» It will show you who is online at the server;

Elemental Realm Inc.          Be brave and chose your element wisely!
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