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This is a system created for your own fun. It's based on Pokemón where you can have any pet (besides Ender Dragon, Wither or Ghast). You need to help them evoluting to unlock new habilities. At the Pet Shop you can find info about each kind of pet that you may have. There is a Skills Tree where you may choose your pet's main hability.

There are five different kinds of main habilities. They are: "Combat", "Utility", "PvP", "Ride" and "Farm". Each hability is different, to check them type /pcst.

You can use your own pets on duels with other tamers or call them to help you killing mobs or holding items. You may have 3 to 54 pets, it depends of the rank that you have.


/petbehavior or /pb »» It will change your pet's behavior between Friendly, Duel, Normal or Agressive;

/pcst »» It will open the Pet's skills tree that allow you to choosse your pet's skills type;

/peti or /pi »» It will allow you to access your pet's inventory;

/petswitch »» It allows you to open a GUI menu where your pets are stored;

/petname [name] »» It allows you to rename your pet;

/petcall or /pc »» It allows you to call your selected pet right next to you;

/petswitch store »» It allows you to store your pet on a GUI menu to make you able to tame other one;

/petrelease »» It will allow you to abadon your pet, you need to click on it's name on the chat to confirm this order;

/petsendaway or /psa »» It allows you to send away your pet but you will not abandon it. It will just get vanished;

How do I take care of my Pet?

To take care of your pet you need to pay attention to their stats. You can see them by right clicking on your pet with a leash. Each pet have his kind of food. Down bellow is some more information about all kind of pets:


Food: Spider Eye
It's really funny for riding


Food: Sulphur
It takes no damage from fire


Food: Raw Fish

You need to tame an Ocelot before pick the mob with the Pet's System


Food: Seeds
The baby version of any animal can be tamed


Food: Wheat
The Mushroom Cow has the same stats that the Regular Cow


Food: Sulphur
It will not blow on you don't worry


Food: Raw Meat

You need to tame a Wolf before pick the mob with the Pet's System


Food: Soul Sand
It can have a block on his hands


Food: Iron Ingot
You just can pick it with the Pet System if it was created and not spawned


Food: Redstone
You can tame any size of magma cube


Food: Carrot
You can always ride him with the Ride Skill


Food: Rotten Flesh
This mob can wear any kind of armor


Food: Carrot
You can't tame the killer bunny


Food: Wheat
After you tame it you can give it any colour


Food: Bones
It can wear any kind of armor or weapond


Food: Sugar
You can tame any size of this mob


Food: Raw Fish
They will not die by staying in land


Food: Apple
When tamed it will not trade when its kept as a pet


Food: Mushroom Soup
It will not cast spells


Food: Bones
This mob even if tamed it can wear armor


Food: Rotten Flesh
It can wear any kind of armor or weapond
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