New Logo!

We have a new logo for the server! Now it is a png round image instead a squared image. We hope you like it!

[NW] 1 . 10 is COMING!

Once, on an old Server New we told you that we were thinking about updating the server to 1.10 minecraft version. But now we are sure that we will update the server to 1.10! Actually 31 of the 38 plugins that we use are already updated and ready to the big UPDATE of the server. We will have a period with whitelist activated on the days that we are configurating the update, but for now keep playing and we will tell you later when the whitelist will be activated. Stay connected for more info!

A.I. 2.0 Mini-Game

Here it is the Beta Version! Since we closed the first version of A.I. (1.0 - Alpha) mini-game many players waited for the next version. So here it is! An entirely different version. Now we do not have doors to each level, we have NPC's that teleports you to the current level. For now we just have 2 levels available. Be connected for more info!

[NW] = New Post; New Notice; New;

Elemental Realm Inc.          Be brave and chose your element wisely!
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